Australia's Greatest Boatyard

Spotless, World Class Facilities

Spotless, World Class Facilities

Australia’s greatest boatyard is huge, clean, modern and welcoming with an incredible range of world-class facilities.

“Harry” & “Sid” our 100 & 70-tonne marine lifts handle boats up to 110- feet length and 26-feet beam.

“Ellie”, a unique 45-tonne hydraulic submersible sealift is perfect for wide-beam catamarans.

We use custom-designed and built superfenders to ensure your boat is buffered and hauled with incredible care.

We can now offer the added benefit of working out of the elements within the new Covered Hardstand precinct, giving a perfect finish to the jobs at hand under cover.

Our prestige 15m high sheds protect your boat from the elements and provide the perfect working environment with screening options available.

You will certainly welcome the relief offered from not having to work within the harsh sun or working in amongst the rain.

Prestige 15m Sheds

Prestige 15m Sheds

Once your boat is safely out of the water, our prestige sheds protect your pride and joy from the elements and provide the perfect working environment for everything from checking skin fittings to a major re-fit.

Our sheds tower above the yard at 15m so you won’t have to take the mast down.

For example we recently worked on an 87-foot Warren Yacht, returning to Melbourne from a season in The Whitsundays.

Our sheds were ideal for the complete repaint job and not taking the mast down offered a significant cost saving to the owner.

Details like our dedicated sandblast and paint bays and well thought out long term storage solutions give us a controlled environment for major work. And of course they support our mission to be cleanest boatyard you have ever seen!

If you and your boat are here for a while you’ll really appreciate the range of onsite facilities including laundry, ensuites and courtesy vehicles. We expect you’ll also enjoy the The Galley bar, restaurant and café with its excellent coffee. Many Captains choose to hire a project manager and take the opportunity to explore the local area and enjoy some much needed R&R on dry land.

Every Marine Trade Onsite

Every Marine Trade Onsite

The Boat works is home to Australia’s largest concentration of Marine Trades

Having such an incredible pool of knowledge in one place is wonderful and means someone here has the skills to work on you boat – however complicated the job.

You can either choose to hire a project manager or do the work yourself with the help of the trades you need.

Yes we’re a world class facility with superb equipment and a wealth of professional knowledge… but we’re also a friendly yard…

And if you’re not sure what you need just ask and you’ll get all the help you need.

“I have sailed the NSW and QLD coastline for 25 years. As a boat owner, you are always on the lookout for Shipyards with efficient and reliable haul out equipment and an economical, workable, secure, friendly, hardstand area. This is what I found at The Boat Works.  

“If boats could talk, they would all be saying to their owners, please take me to The Boat Works Resort!! An absolutely wonderful place to give your boat a treat.” 

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